Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lorwyn Draft. Elves.

How to collect Elves: The basic colors.

If you take the first or second peak Garruk Wildspeaker or Imperious Perfect (if you saw these draft top peaks, most likely you will take it over other), then you will just play green. These cards are really good not only in a deck on Elves, although there, too, but in their own right: Garruk simply wins the game (though it's best not to stand too early, and the first play "+1" ability to untap lands, to keep the bomb capable decide the game) because it is hard to kill, but to produce many tokens and let all creatures start in a decisive attack. A Imperious Perfect favorably differs from many other "Lords" that does not necessarily to draft just Elves: he is able to create and deliver an opponent a lot of trouble, if the couple of turn he will be in game. But certainly if it will be drafted with fellows that would be great!
There is also good elves such as Elf Masked Admirers and Nath of the Gilt-Leaf, and the Wren's Run Packmaster (although it is desirable to play it on the table when there are at least two Elf to avoid early death), but these are rares and you will see them rarely. Turning to the less rare cards.

Without decent common Elves would not be at draft worthy archetype, but fortunately, we have the present man-Lys Alana Huntmaster. Not all value it highly, and often as not they walk very first peaks. But this at least Filler 3 / 3 for 4 mana (albeit with a double cost) as well as a maximum-much more. If you drafted at least two or three later than the middle of the second booster, start taking strong Elf, no regret. Namely: such a remarkable ambush as Gilt-Leaf Ambush, such a decent second drop, and the source of the second Green mana, as Leaf Glider; and searcher Elvish Harbringer (although he had already uncommon) is not redundant. They and of themselves good, and if we are on the table worth Chief Hunter Liz-Alany, all together elves able to show the enemy the sky of diamonds.
Slightly less good but still are a variant of such cards, as Gilt-Leaf Seer and Moonglove Winnower.
Removal plus Elf-Eyeblight's Ending, do not miss. Remember, too, Elf-simulator, so much the second time elven color-black, among others please note card such as Nameless Inversion. Average quality changeling(type Woodland Changeling), add to taste, to make land, place and start to deliver the arm.
If you can recruit a significant portion of listed above (commons and at least one decent rare Perfect either), then I guarantee that your opponents will have to behold.
But it is quite possible, even likely that entirely you will not be able to collect on the deck of Elf. There is no afraid. Consider first that can be added to the green (the primary color of elvish deck) and black (the second most important elvish color). Just want to say banal: add a good card, tentatively draft them. But try to indicate what would be the most preferable, given the shortcomings lacks.
What are their weaknesses? Well, on the ground, ideally it is not simply equal percentage, but fly elves do not know how. Here we can help flyer blockers, like Cloudcrown Oak, but perhaps more effective removal prove, and if you have a lot of Nameless Inversion and Eyeblight's Ending, but you have to take Shriekmaw, and its add-its draft bomb. Removal on draft generally acclaimed, and in combination with Elf removal winding up the mountain, and removing flyers not giving another dangerous archetype - Merfolks-collect their kombs: they comb with each other today, we will soon! Regarding Merfolks: it is more than true, because, even if you gather on the ground and fantastic and gigantic army, but will not be enough removal, Merfolks, combined simply do not let you win.
If, for example, the Goblin, all on the contrary, will kill many of our creatures, so try to get at any price advantage on the cards. Here we help these cards as Ambush, which raises two Elves for a spell; also try, if there is a time and mana to the Chief Hunter Liz-Alany and on the same play during another one or two Elf; then, and even if Hunter murder, we have to get him the advantage.
Yet sometimes hinder armies of Elves may removal massive, but I do not recall many such draft LLL effective cards, is that the white team, but before it even have to live (and draft it is not easy: it is the CRP, in addition, to build on it a deck is not always).

As collect Elves: that it is possible to add other colors.

If you draft Elves, green draft you must, however, it may become more of you are not black; il in the third color want to leave. What to do? Tell you.
To call will only commons as most often catches cards; uncommons royalties, and still we will most likely mainly flowers / primary colors.
Well, first of all, remind about Changeling in many colors other creatures and other worthy of this type will not enumerate.
Changeling addition, however, there are other cards in blue, for example, because we need to stop flyers, come tappers (Stonybrook Angler), its flyers (well, if ambush instance, Persermite but not Time Glen-Elendry worse card), but as soon flyers will tap (alone or our efforts), Glimmerdust Nap reassure them.
Ponder help get it main Elf. And just blue Common, which falls in love (almost) draft Deck with blue, and the Janjaweed and drifter - Mulldrifter.
What exactly blue advised not to play, it is Captivating Glance too unreliable card.
Consider the red-here we have not tappers, and indeed flyers a little, but how come removal Lash Out Consuming Burnfire and to a lesser extent (as kills fewer hazardous substance) Tarfire. But black removal usually more universal, and fishing blow of Elf, we need not always so, and not too often they add red-faced is it that if you really drafted lot of these cards and relatively decent creatues, including Changeling creatures.
And quite a bit of white. Clearly deserve a place in a deck (of commons) Oblivion Ring and tapper-Kithkin mana for 1 white, but as a good alternative-drifter enemy flyer - Plover Knights (though here and double COST, but doublecolored deck with a large number of mana stabilization-can) .
A final touch-the artifacts. Moonglove Extract is not tied to the color removal-finishing blow -  slow motion, can be put. And great card and for doublecolored decks doubly Wanderer's Twig. It will save you from the flood and screw. Just play it. 1-2 pieces.
Well, thanks for reading. I wish success to Lorwyn draft on Elves!