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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pro Tour San Diego Standard

Top Decks from Pro Tour San-Diego:

Deck lists from Top 8:

Luis-Scott Vargas made crazy path, but he was stopped by the best deck of the current format.

Gongratilations to Simon Görtzen, who beat Kyle Boggemes in Jund Finals.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Worlds 2009. Results

Jund. jund? jund! 35 % of decks were jund decks. Unbelieavable card advantage made choise of many players from many countries. But there were also another type of decks. So what we have - metagame breakdown:

Archetype Count
Jund* 143
Boros Bushwhacker 62
Junk 38
Bant * 33
Eldrazi Green 31
Naya * 13
Dredge 11
4cControl * 11
Green-White Aggro 8
White-Blue-Red Control 8
Monored 6
White Weenie 6
Pyromancer Ascension 5
Vampires 4
Ranger Zoo 4
Esper Control 3
Grixis Control 3
White-Blue Aggro 3
Blue-White Control 3
Red-Green Valakut 3
Monowhite Control 3
White-Red Control 2
Turbo Fog 2
Owling Mine 1
RGB Accel 1
Time Sieve 1
Black-White-Red Aggro 1
Total 409

As expected jund, boros and eldrazi green were the most popular decks at Worlds 2009.
Top 8 constist of 3 junds, 2 naya decks, bant, boros and monowhite tokens. Top 8 decks you can find at Wizards of the Coast offical coverage page.
Top 8 player's profiles -

Top standard decks: Here you can find Vampires 6-0. Many Jund variants, some rogue decks from great players - Joel Calafell with UW "Fog" deck and Conly Woods with 8 ultimatum GBR deck.

And, of course, Congratulation to André Coimbra, who beat Jund in Finals with NayaAntiJund. Congratulations!
You can download quarterfinals, team finals and world final video! Semifinals will be soon.

Top Extended decks -

Enjoy! And play magic ;)