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Part 1. What is the pace and with it than eat, "or from the author"

What is a Tempo? Tempo is a sign designating it as "painful" game for us one way or another card. In a nutshell this is not to explain, so we will need many examples. Go!

Part 2. Speed is everything

The main concept in the theory of the superiority of the pace-speed card. The term includes two sub:
The speed at which the card is played
Moment of the game, which was played card is making its impact in the playing situation

Let's talk about it in more detail.
The speed at which the card is played determined, as a rule, the very type of card. Thus, any card type "Instant" speed higher than for card-type "Sorcery" or Enchantment. A map of the Grizzly Bears speed lower than that of Ashcoat Bear. What is the meaning of this?
As simple. Suppose Game trivial situation in which the opponent is on the table Grizzly Bears (remarkable animal), and in your hands desyatochny Incinerate, Volcanic Hammer and we assume Mana Leak. Your move, you control one island and one Mountains, the two are ready for use. There are several options for the distribution of your opportunities. First-shoot Volcanic Hammer in a bear and transmit turn. The second is simply to convey the course. In the first case, you guys erased enemy, but opponents receives superiority on the pace at 2 Oman. Because in the beginning of his during his land will be 2 ready, and you have none. In this case, correctly refer the course and wait for an opponent that will happen.
If he decides to play a dangerous card for 2, and better for 3 Oman, you can interrupt her c leak through maps Many, having superiority on the pace at 2, and even in 3 units magical energy. If nothing is suggested you with a clear conscience send to hell in a bear through the end of Incinerate. In any case, the opponent does not receive superiority means, you play correctly.

The other side of the issue-point game, which was played card is making its impact in the playing situation. All perfectly known map of Birds of Paradise certainly is, is very good. After all, she and disperse us, and stabilizes manabazu, in general, doing everything that needs to be. On the other hand, a time when it really affects the playing situation during the first three or four. After all, you do not want to raise it on the fifteenth way when you need a critical, say, finishment or won a Loksodonsky Ierarh? In time, in Tip2 Mirrodin / Kamigawa was strong deck with unique concept: Plow Under opponent crushed several moves (Eternal Witness + Crystal Shard), and then put any kind finishment Meloku, The Clouded Mirror or Keiga, the Tide Star, and the opponent nicely ordered a few moves. This deck is not reached great success, yet not once broke in the first place neslabogo a tournament in Japan. What is the players were surprised when they found that the leaf is different from the popular only two things - a lack of Birds Of Paradise and spleshem to white sake Ethereal Haze in Sidon.
And why you did not play birds? - asked the championship.
"I do not want to raise it during the twelfth, much better land.
That is true.

On the other hand, there are maps, which has life cycle in the later followed, and the need to be neat when you turn them in its "deck. A striking example is Karu-zemli like Boros Garrison. Such land advisable to play only in a late game-otherwise attacked rate can be appreciable.

So, apparently this part of today's subject razobralis we can move on to the next part.

Part 3. … Slow down or accelerate?

This part must begin by entering new term, a large part of the famous and not very powerful wizards, "Droubek". The educated of the two English words (Draw & Back-Drawback, receive back), the term refers to some effect, most often negative, which we get in a game card. This is opposed to positive effect. To cite examples:
Phyrexian Arena allows you to take additional card every turn. Droubek this map, it is clear that it is as "regular" shooting at you at 1.
Perilous Research for the two Oman raises you two cards that very, very well. Droubek-sacrifice Permanent several holiday breaks.

If this all clear to proceed to the main-made for what initially this chapter. In a world of magic, there are several major classes decks of them - Agro, control, combo, agrokontrol-known to all, so I will not talk about their differences. I will be a lot of talk on the methods of acquisition tempo-prevoshodstva in each of them.

The aggressive use of a deck of the most primitive method-call it passive superiority on the pace.
Normal creature one manat has characteristics 1 / 1. If it is above characteristics, then it involves any appreciable droubekom. Superiority aggressive decks built on the fact that they did not spend on the pace-note droubekov them or not, or they plyuyut. Isamaru, Hound of Konda, Savannah Lions, Kird Ape-each of these creatures gives tempo-prevoshodstvo ran as thick guy for 1 manat and without droubeka. Agro-kolody enjoy this intensively. Generally speaking, the use of a large number of maps with manakostom small and large impact on the game already have superiority on the pace. But most of this superiority has Droubek raskidav-hand and going to topdeka mode, you can easily be sent to your opponent on the true path nedeyaniya.

Deck marked "control" method used by most obvious superiority on the rate-active superiority. This method is that, as a rule, in order to break down the threat Oman requires less than to establish that threat. The other side of monitoring is that it is often closed the road to mana-akselleratsii. He could not afford to play during the second or signet Sakura-Tribe Elder, because from that moment begins "control" time - a time when control is working, posting all one hundred. When this time ends (for example, after the Wrath of God in the stage when the opponent has already played with topdeka - approx. Magic God), to play mana-akselleratsiyu too late, because the required number of sources already have, otherwise would control simply did not live to see this the time (s genius wins out skryu not take into account). In addition, for the benefit of the glorious cause of tempo-prevoshodstva works by the fact that 80% of the control nemanovyh cards have a "Instant", which means that play on my swing, we will start only when there is a need to install finishmenta.

Aggro-Control. This is a very complex concept, so its methods tempo-prevoshodstva we will consider the examples of two decks, each other is not quite similar: Rock and his Millions and UW Trinket

Aggro Rock Dave Shiels 2005 Grand Prix Charlotte, NC, 3-4th place

4 Birds of Paradise
3 Eternal Witness
1 Genesis
2 Loxodon Hierarch
1 Ravenous Baloth
4 Sakura-Tribe Elder
2 Withered Wretch

4 Cabal Therapy
1 Cranial Extraction
3 Gifts Ungiven
1 Haunting Echoes
3 Living Wish
4 Pernicious Deed
4 Putrefy
1 Smother

5 Forest
1 Island
4 Overgrown Tomb
1 Plains
2 Polluted Delta
1 Swamp
1 Temple Garden
1 Watery Grave
4 Windswept Heath
2 Yavimaya Coast

Very, very strong Deck, presented before us in the section-you can see everything. Not shown here is only one - where is it, the pace of superiority? Its that, no?
4 Pernicious Deed
4 Putrefy
1 Genesis
3 Eternal Witness
4 Cabal Therapy
3 Gifts Ungiven
4 Sakura-Tribe Elder
4 Birds of Paradise

Really big piece if honestly. Well, with birds and Startsami Tribe Sakura all clear and true. Pernicious Deed is a mad superiority. If on the table 3 Permanent with the price or less prone to detonation Pernicious Deed, it establishes the superiority of three times. If a 5-to five-fold, respectively. One more and he explodes at a speed of "Instant", beauty.
Cabal Therapy-map establishing superiority implicit manner. Obsolete dangerous opponent with the hand, we are creating a map of the superiority of Oman needed to eliminate this risk (minus Oman needed to install proper risk). Moreover, the card enables recursive-play himself twice.
I think rest is fairly understandable, but if not more so, it is an incentive to think on their own.

UW Trinket Runtao Sun 2007 PTQ Yokohama High Wycombe, England, 5th place

2 Exalted Angel
3 Trinket Mage

4 Azorius Signet
1 Chalice of the Void
3 Decree of Justice
1 Engineered Explosives
3 Fact or Fiction
2 Mindslaver
4 Remand
2 Repeal
1 Sensei's Divining Top
2 Spell Burst
4 Thirst for Knowledge
1 Tormod's Crypt
3 Wrath of God

1 Academy Ruins
3 Adarkar Wastes
1 Ancient Den
4 Cloudpost
4 Flooded Strand
4 Hallowed Fountain
3 Seat of the Synod
4 Vesuva

Despite the fact that the deck closer to control its position as the author Agro-Kontrol. And who we are to argue with the author?
The main method tempo-prevoshodstva Cloudpost here. First, it creates us 1 poteryanuyu manat because of present the. But for the second consecutive correct it. And in a deck of 8. Mon. There still has one engine, but to leave his homework novice magician =)

Combo. Combo deck using a direct method tempo-prevoshodstva, namely a clear superiority on the pace. It is the exchange of maps in Oman.

TEPS Ryan Gin 2007 PTQ Yokohama Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1st place

4 Burning Wish
4 Cabal Ritual
1 Chain of Vapor
4 Chromatic Sphere
4 Chromatic Star
4 Chrome Mox
2 Infernal Tutor
4 Lotus Bloom
3 Mind's Desire
4 Rite of Flame
4 Seething Song
3 Sensei's Divining Top
2 Sins of the Past
1 Tendrils of Agony

4 Ancient Spring
4 Gemstone Mine
4 Geothermal Crevice
4 Sulfur Vent


1 Channel the Suns
3 Defense Grid
3 Duress
3 Empty the Warrens
1 Hull Breach
1 Mind's Desire
1 Pyroclasm
1 Sins of the Past
1 Tendrils of Agony

4 Rite of Flame
4 Seething Song
4 Cabal Ritual
4 Chrome Mox
4 Ancient Spring
4 Geothermal Crevice
4 Sulfur Vent
In my opinion, everything is clear.

Part 4. Conclusion

The conclusion will be short-correctly use the momentum to you over this, and you will not be any gambling problems.