Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ravnica-TimeSpiral T2 Metagame

Well, after seeing part of what is emerging from Time Spiral I decided that it would happen for every player, and see that they are filled out, the strongest, and that a less viable to get out of kamigawa.

First off, let's enumerate the gazillion different playing deck at the moment. Let me give you overview of what they are supposed to do, and what kind of feasibility after kamigawa broken.

Heezy Street (R / G aggro)
W / G ghazi - glare.dec
B / R Aggro
U / G erayo ninjas
U / G snake aggro
U / R / G aggro (Mar Stompy)
B / W hand

Structure and strength
Tron (includes green splashes)
The masterpiece (G / W / B or rock enough)
Solar Flare (japanimator)
UW / X control decks

^ ^ There are many more dishes than this that can be played, in fact more than 30, but for the article lengths well, and my sanity, let's go with the most popular dishes at the moment.

That long list of good dishes, which is what made this year's magic so much fun for me personally. You can not determine the target (although for a while can), and has made the tournament demons whole lot more fun. (Facing another cover each round was the shizz - nizzle me)

Sadly, however, some of those covered are no longer viable after kamigawa turns out, so lets give balance to this list, and see what we can expect from the Time Spiral standard.

First, we will start with the Pro Tour Honolulu-winner

Heezy Street

The point of the cover is to strike down as fast as it can with creatures efficient and burn. This coverage is much more consistent than brothers Zoo is, as the basis of manna for this group rarely gives any problem. One of the best aggro covered at the moment, but not the best. At losses -

Flames of the hands of blood
Umezawa's jitte

In much intact. One loses jitte, which is huge but it was not in the main deck, which was one of the best cards in the standard, and each aggro deck will be sad to see it go. Flames blood is a very good burn spell gave this group against some card game as loxodon hierarch and shackles of faith, or any other card of an opponent who won life to put them beyond the reach of your burn. It will be sad to see it go.

This verdict of the platform loses very little, and will undoubtedly be a force to deal with in the new Time Spiral standard. The Watch out for him. Viable.

- Ghazi Glare

The group itself has changed considerably in the past year, rose from the legend bashin 'glare of a line of glare calling, a aggro glare. I will not cover all types of this group, so instead I will go with the original ghazi-dazzle.

This cover is a beast, but after being at the top, which, like most of the good dishes, are hated place, or establishing a level. He won worlds and stuck around for about 3 months, then just let the radar. In any case, the point was to accel in a coup stick, drop a glare or jitte and just win. This group, though not so popular, it is still quite good ... Well, until now. Losses -

Umezawa's jitte
Yosei, the morning star (huge, this card deck gave the game against controlish deck, and controlish means covered with the wrath of God, roofs and decks that use tons of Manna)
Hokori, drinker powder (it was a card SB in which it was pointed out over a greater good and seedborn muse and 2 more yosei's to combat glare covers, and other platforms intensive management. Therefore, the statement about yosei break "control" matchups.)
Kodama tree north
Arashi, half of the sky
Pithing needle

In general, this group loses a LOT of things they did well, and almost all of its synergy.

Verdict - Blatantly, this group is neutered. It still has potential in a aggro-dazzle way, but the legendary original, unfortunately, is no longer viable. If you get a deck with glare, as well, is not as good, just on the side charm hatred or anger play god. Problem solved. To care for other decks. Less viable Dead


The point of this group is falling more efficient 1 and 2 drops in the game, and then burn FTW. The basis for this group is manna problems, and has been ignored largely because Heezy Street, Sea and Stompy. Losses -

Flames of the hands of blood
Isamaru, hunting konda
Umezawa's jitte

Only lost 3 cards, but the three letters are important to this group of game. It will live and kicking in TS standard, but for the most part, will not be the aggro deck of choice.

Verdict - With the loss of its most consistent 1 drop, probably most important burn spell, and the staple jitte, I think that this group is reduced to increase the radar. Less feasible

B / R aggro

In truth, but there is a definite B / R archetype, so it's hard to see if what wins and what loses. But there are two cards to be played on the deck of insurance, and the two are rotating. Losses -

Umezawa's jitte
Flames of the hands of blood

Verdict - Loses 2 important letters, but with the fact that this group is probably the least well aggro deck at the moment, I think it will get less popular, unless we get a good black letters from TS. Viable ... Only disadvantaged.

U / G Erayo ninjas

The point of this group is to drop
Erayo, Soratami ascendant
Ninja deep when
Umezawa's Jitte
Perturbando shoal
Higure still wind

Verdict-lose everything that made the cover. Dead

U / G snake aggro

Play snakes with impressive capabilities. Losses -

Not even going to go over it, where snakes in kamigawa and kamigawa is leaving ...

Verdict-lose everything that made the cover. Dead

Be Stompy

It is considered the best cover in the format now, and by far the best aggro. It's very good, but you lose a little. He also wins a lot of Time Spiral, if the wing so far is correct. So we will see what happens. Losses -

Meloku the mirror cloudy
Umezawa's jitte
Thoughts of ruin
Ninja deep when

Overall, the platform that they lose a bit viable. Moreover, without the power of jitte, I believe that this form of aggro (light or no-burn) is dead. Time will tell, but I believe that the day when the sun is more of this type arc.

Verdict-loses much they did well. Less viable Dead

B / W hand

Causing havoc in your hand, drop a jitte, swing, and never will be without cards because of Bob, or their lives because of jitte and descending. This format of the cover shaken for a while, and for a few months after Honolulu was the most played on the platform. However lost popularity because their states have a bad match against Tron, and Tron is really hot in recent months. It is still one of the best dishes, not just as played as it was before. Losses -

Umezawa's Jitte (This really is the fact that the card of this group go)
Hand of Honor
Descendant of Kiyomaro
Part of Cruelty
Shining shoal
Hokori, drinker powder (which later joined)
Verdict-Yes, this group loses its namesakes, and their cards power; Descendant, and jitte, which was why it was a better aggro. Without jitte however, the cover can not sacrifice the quality of its creatures to make an opponent discard. (Correa the jitte on a rat or grotesque and swing) Therefore, this type of arch is not much more. Dead

Ghost - Husk

Osyp Lebedowicz made this popular archetype. However, even the most, or second most popular aggro now. This group was the most played in regionals this year. The question is getting a nantuko shell on the board, and hold a promise of bunrei, and swing for the win. Losses -

Promise bunrei
Umezawa's jitte
Hand honor

- The only verdict card really important is the loss of bunrie. Without it loses its power to win on turn 4 or 5. Dead

Well, now that I have gone through all the aggro covered, and its success so far of my favorites; control decks J.

Structure and strength

This group took by assault nationals, and is, literally, as yang, while Sea Stompy was Yin. Both of the above decks was the biggest in the top 8 of the national (well, and these solar flares). The point of the cover is too gain control of the board through accountants, and the wrath of God. The big game is to play counterweight, in conjunction with the top to have free counters what your opponent plays. Full of synergy, keeps a steady supply of cards with dark confidant, and wins with meloku or dark confidant jittied. (A control platform O_o'') Very funny deck, is a blast to play and is very good ... Well, until now. Losses -

Sensei top guessing
Umezawa's jitte
Meloku the mirror cloudy

Verdict-lost two of its position to win, but the reality real tragedy is the loss of the top. Without the top, I fear that the entire counterweight shenanigans is not viable at all. This group was an explosion in the month was around, but without kamigawa, this group is Dead


The issue is leaving a heartbeat of the spring, and accumulate tons of manna buy using drifts of phantasms early to fetch crops, you should download the drifts strangers with the harvest, harvest and confusion with the strange mixture, and with a win or rely The firemind or magazine, traitor to mortals. Losses -

Heartbeat spring-lost more, but none of that is relevant, without this card

As a verdict of the first combined the platform I have ever played, this had a special place in my heart, but now this in the past. Dead

Tron (green with splashes)

The point of this group is to get tron line, remove one million cards, drop a fat blue creature, and throw a demonfire in the noggin for 15 + damage. Losses -

Keiga, the tide stars
Meloku the mirror cloudy (most not even run their more)

- The verdict loses its fatty covering blue creatures, but that can easily be replaced with simic skyswallower or tidespout tyrant. This group is far from done. Viable

The masterpiece

The point of this group was to increase the manna, anger, or persecute its opponents outside hand, drop a fatty and win. He never finished cards through pyrexian scene. Most is a rock evolved. Losses -

Kokusho, the night stars
Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni
Cranial extraction
Yosei, the star of the morning (from the version that was run)

The verdict of the platform loses all kamigawa endings, but all that can be replaced with angel despair, rumored akroma angel of anger, simic skyswallower, and any other U / B / G / W acids. The creatures may not be as effective, but still get the job done. Viable

Solar Flare (u / w / b control)

The point of this group is to expand management through signets, wrat board, and reactivate a fatty by zombify, or simply dropping a fatty. Use a light counterspell dresses 4 remands. Most top 8 is outside the platform ALL nationals. Not much hype however, it is not considered the best. Losses

All kamigawa legends -
Yosei, the morning star
Kokusho, the night stars
Meloku the mirror cloudy
- The eyes of ink, servant of oni
Extraction cranial
Descendant of kiyomaro

Verdict - Loses whole legend, the other creatures can be plugged into the holes, but overall, it will not be nearly as good. Less viable Dead.


The point of this group is rhythm. Kepp his opponent out of the earth through rebound, rain stone, and demolish. Acquired some popularity against tron, but tron is not more popular than ever, so this group has lost popularity. Losses -

Eye of nowhere

Verdict-Well, I could be called by some silly people, but this group loses a card. ONE card. Not feasible. From the mere fact that dies horribly to aggro, and that this group is particularly pace, the 2 manna rebound sorcery, it will be the death of this group. Unless we get another 2CC rebound detailing TS-Less viable; Dead

U / W / X control

These covered quite evolved with the addition of Dissention. Personally, I think that U / G / W is the best archetype of control, but you can decide for yourself.

U / W Control

The point of this group is the long game. You let the first creatures get however, use a smattering of shackles and the sentence. The big game is wrath of God, stabilize, and hold the board and win. This group is strong, and lose very little. In fact, it loses nothing but hinder. Cancel (the spiral against time to 1UU) does the same thing, except it is a difficult counter. Losses -

None. Hinder is replaced with Cancel

A verdict of the strongest type arc after kamigawa broken. Search and prepare to deal with this. Viable.

U / G / W against ghazi

Much the same as U / W, but this group has another factor working for her. - Tree City. Whether a control card breaks the game, and gives this group chump blocker turn after turn, while the excavation for a response. In my opinion, this group is the best in the format after kamigawa leaves, his only bad matchups where B / W magnivore. Both of which are not so good after TS. As will be seen. Losses -


Verdict-One of the dishes strongest rotation. The best of the U / W / X-type arc. Look and prepare for it. If I were you I would play. Best option.

U / W / R firemane control

Get manna online, anger, gain life with the Angels and win. This group loses nothing kamigawa really win much on the fact that skull, and pithing needle go. So watch for this group in the coming months.

- Improved verdict on the platform standard TS. Very viable; Perhaps best choice

So this is my take after TS becomes legal norm. Some of it is obvious, I know, but my hunch that his burning based aggro will become tier one aggro choice again, because not to burn the basis aggro covered not have the power to umezawa's jitte more. Likewise, the blue-based control dishes get much stronger after the rotation, and windreaver becomes much better, and the IMO is the best creature in the format after pithing needle is gone.

For those of you going to the states, here's my advice-Prepare burning based aggro. A lot of it. If your still deciding on a deck to play suggest U / W / G against ghazi, oU / W / R firemane control. These two decks roll aggro, and got something to control matchups well. If you are playing blue-based control device package of charm and hatred because leyline of lifeforce, and Defense Network are gaining in popularity.

Thank you for reading.

By Mike Nelson A.K.A. Blade