Friday, November 9, 2007

Legacy Report

This time we gathered 15 people, and hence 4 round, top 4. So 3-1 is no longer guaranteed hit in the top, not the most pleasant news;)
This time I decided to test some cards, namely the small white Splash, in the end played such a sheet of:
/ / Lands
2 [B] Taiga
4 [ON] Wooded Foothills
1 [TSB] Pendelhaven
1 [UNH] Mountain
8 [UNH] Forest
1 [FUT] Dryad Arbor
1 [B] Savannah
1 [UNH] Plains
1 [US] Gaea's Cradle

/ / Creatures
4 [ON] Ravenous Baloth
4 [CHK] Sakura-Tribe Elder
4 [TO] Basking Rootwalla
1 [ON] Goblin Pyromancer
1 [DIS] Loaming Shaman
1 [DS] Viridian Zealot
1 [FD] Eternal Witness
1 [JU] Anger
1 [JU] Genesis
1 [MM] Squee, Goblin Nabob
1 [UD] Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary
1 [6E] Uktabi Orangutan
1 [PS] Flametongue Kavu
1 [FUT] Magus of the Moon
1 [ON] Goblin Sharpshooter
1 [SOK] Kataki, War's Wage

/ / Spells
4 [DS] AEther Vial
4 [MR] Chalice of the Void
3 [LG] Sylvan Library
4 [EX] Survival of the Fittest

/ / Sideboard
SB: 1 [TSB] Spike Feeder
SB: 4 [U] Swords to Plowshares
SB: 3 [TSP] Krosan Grip
SB: 4 [EX] Price of Progress
SB: 3 [TE] Choke

Indeed testing white decision came very suddenly, first in December with the opposing many artifacts, so kataki appeared immediately in the absence of the MD and secondly fantasy, and as a consequence of slots in Swords of Plowshares in SB. Now to the tournament…

1 Tour Ezgy with its hellish deck on the course and perpetual snow Cthulhu: D
It must be said that at the last tournament, I lost that match 1-2, so the special joy of pairings not received. However, all of which proved better.
In the first game, I imagine distributed Survival of the Fittest and put it fairly quickly. At the next turn kataki appeared on the table, which gave me a much needed victory for the time and get on, I had to trample down faster than a snow man)
In 2 game Ezh sided "hates" very much that there could well affect its combo, he received the entire Height, namely: Leyline of the Void, Pithing Needle, Silent Arbiter, but combo is not. Since "hate" somehow coped, again via verses and had to kill the opp.
2 Tour Dmitry Nikitin RGbw Life from the loam
Matchup is not very pleasant, the Dima substance of my almost always more, and yet there are still assault and dreams to me too late…
In the first game Dima had mulled to 5 on Quick, I will leave 7. 5 card probably too little and I quickly Hanley first game. In the second game were no more mulls. First Tarmogoyf Dima receives Swords to Plowshares, but they are still 2, then Devastating Dreams at 4 and I go to hell. In the third game, I left not a bad hand with the Sylvan Library, aptly put it at 2 move, but with topdeka anything you want for the entire party did not receive, moved from Terravore, it seems.
After two rounds of 3 points and now to fall into the top have to win another 2 ballot, and hope for good standings.
3 Tour Alexander Petrenko UV
At first I have a reliable hand with "Survilade", it is was not countered, but Alexandra had Silver Knight under Sword of Fire and Ice. I already at 11, to do something I played Uktabi Orangutan and fortunately it was not countered. Then all became very interesting to not have a second Alexander Silver Knight, then all my living creatures die from double block of knights. Decided to kill one attack, the attack was at 28.
The first game is long and we had only 15 minutes for the second.
Details do not remember the second game, but at 6-7 during the Exalted Angel suggested me for Oman, I at the time was 3 substance, and I attacked on 9, then I would have won the flight, but on the next turn Cataclysm I have to stay Ravenous Baloth against the same angel, I have no flight Hanley.… No, 5 moves and Alexander do not manage to kill me.
4 Tour Jetro 43land.dec
Cube I, as always, and has already lost the first progress realized that here I would be extremely difficult for TV Land Exploration… land Manabond and 3 land from the hand, I also left a potentially strong hand with 1 land pair Basking Rootwalla, Survival of the Fittest, and something else. However, with topdeka land was not visible, and kicked me Jetro Treetop Village and Mishra's Factory, in the end zapinal.
The second game, I have again 1 land, AEther Vial, Sakura-Tribe Elder, 2 Price of Progress. During the party, I topdekayu Magus of the Moon, put, but it gets Firebolt. So price will win, as it was conceived. Meantime, a Jetro already 5 lands at the end during the Price of Progress, in its turn another.
In the third, I finally passed a 2 land in the hands start, Chalice of the Void and something else. At 2 during chalis put at 1, then raised the Magus of the Moon, is to find land. The next topdek brought Wooded Foothills, Magus appeared on the table. After a couple of turns, I won upinav creatures.
3-1, 9 points and the chance to top. After 4 rounds of the Nikitin 12, and another 4 people with 9 points, a fall outside the top, to my Fortunately, I was not.
Top 4 Intro UGrw Growth
Matchap very pleasant.
The only time in the tournament I won cubes, began with AEther Vial, further Survival of the Fittest, but alternately received 2 Pithing Needle on the vial and verses, respectively, on my hands were Uktabi Orangutan and Magus of the Moon, I have decided to break down the needle vial, delivered with magusa Viala, this Growth slowed somewhat. Magusa killed Fire / Ice billing, I set chalis at 2, almost leshiv vinkondishenov Intro, but the killing was quite nothing, because survival is not worked as well topdek suschestv.V not bring me this time methodically kicked Nimble Mongoose, conveyed to 5 hits, well, a win brought me Sakura-Tribe Elder and Squee, Goblin Nabob with prokachkoy of Pendelhaven.
In the afternoon, I passed a 2 Choke, otkontrili first, not second, and he won voobschem-to me to the party.
Final Dmitry Nikitin
In the first game Dime passed all that needs to be: Seismic Assault, Life from the Loam, and Terravore Devastating Dreams, lost fairly quickly.
The second game long, it was initially advantage of the Dima, but longer than the last game, the better to me. Genesis began work by raising the opposing any substance and in a little while Dima give up.
As result third game is not interesting, Dima had mana screw at 2 Oman, at its 3 progress, I put Magus of the Moon, leaving its green source within several moves Dima has not found land and surrendered, though he was on the arm for all victory. 2-1.

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